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Spring 2014 - News



If.. Stockholm Open Tour

The always popular tournament for our smaller players are in March 22 and May 10 . Click on each date to see the invitation and info.

Payment info

All players training at Sköns TK can use the following invoice for this terms' fees.



On this month's newsletter:

Camps, Camps, Camps: Sköns TK, Östersund, Kramfors, and Söderhamn are the destinations for this februari: all levels, all ages: read this month's Newsletter!

The Schedule


There are some slight changes compared to last fall..

The Master Plan


A color coded list with the important dates and events for thins semester..

A Strategic Tennis Network

When Tennis is your goal.. then the American Tennis Academy is the right place for you!


Under the LOVETENNIS.SE umbrella, we offer solutions for all types of players


In Sundsvall - Sköns TK - we offer junior and adult courses for all ages.. We also work around Sweden with weekend camps, coaches eduaction courses & workshops, tournament trips, long distance coaching and club development programs.


Whether you are a beginner or an elite player, the ATA has the right program for you!


Email Richie and start your tennis journey!!