the American Tennis Academy ... by richie

Competitive & Elite players

Competitive players are those who actively compete in National Tournaments, have a 90% attendance record on all organized trainings, train on their own , play on weekend match days and follow the work out plans.


Elite Players are those who live and dedicate their lifes to the sport with at least 2 trainings per day.


As a competitive player you will receive as much support, time and resources from the ATA as the amount of hard work and commitment you invest in your development. The ATA resources are distributed unevenly among all players based on their individual goals and the amount of work dedicated towards achieving them. While quality is important for success, quantity - the amount of hours on court is also a determinant factor.


The Swedish Tennis Federation has reserached and published the amount of training required for a player that is interested in becoming an elite player. Read the UTVEKLINGSTRAPPAN here.


Part Time & Long Distance Players


Our part time and long distance programs are for those players who have a coach and a club/academy but need the edge that is needed to advance to the next level. We support our players with regular contact by Skype and phone as well as by coaching them at their homeclubs and /or hosting them in Sundsvall. Season planning, periodization, weekend camps, tournament trips, tournament planing, and US Collegue Scholarships applications are among the services we provide.